Ubitquity’s mission is to assist Treehouse via its Tech for Good campaign in giving foster kids a childhood and a future. Together, we envision and are actively creating a world where every child who has experienced foster care has the opportunities and the support, they need to pursue their dreams to launch them successfully into adulthood. We are here in the active support of Treehouse’s mission for the betterment of the lives of foster care youth. Read our recent press release.

About Treehouse

Founded in 1988 by social workers, Treehouse is Washington’s leading nonprofit organization addressing the academic and other essential support needs of more than 8,000 youth in foster care. They are committed to youth in care statewide achieving a degree or other career credential, living wage job, and stable housing.

Treehouse is anticipating the needs of our young adults for financial assistance as young workers see hours cut or jobs lost as a result of closures by providing rent assistance, grocery gift cards, funding for laptops and cellphones, and internet, electricity and other utility bill assistance.



Did you Know? Fewer than 50% of youth in foster care graduate from high school. Treehouse is working with fierce optimism and belief in the perseverance and resilience of youth to achieve graduation. Treehouse Graduation Success youth are graduating high school at the same rate as their peers!

Prior to the pandemic, Treehouse’s free store was open to youth in foster care for them to pick out clothes, toys, school supplies and more. Learn more about the Treehouse store:

Treehouse is serving youth in foster care during the pandemic by facilitating:

  • Access to tutors through video chats
  • Continued coordination with their care teams and navigation of other community resources
  • Recommendations and support with online learning tools
  • Navigation of services to receive mental health support
  • Help in applying for state support including EBT and TANF




A Treehouse participant in Whatcom County was laid off and is immunosuppressed, so she was not able to apply for another job at this time. She was concerned about her Extended Foster Care eligibility. With support from her Treehouse Launch Success coach, she navigated the medical system to get a doctor’s note that would allow her to stay EFC compliant for the duration of COVID-19 shutdowns.

A Treehouse participant’s laptop broke as the COVID-19 crisis was beginning, and she wouldn’t have been able to complete her online course for her AA. Treehouse provided her with a laptop and headphones so she can complete her classes and stay in good academic standing.

One of Graduation Success youth has a large support team and was struggling to stay in contact with them because he had lost his phone. Through our Just-in-Time Funding program, we provided him with a new phone and he is now able to easily schedule meetings, reach out to his team when he feels he needs support, and easily check in with people. Having his own phone has provided him with peace of mind knowing he can get in touch with his team when he needs them and his team can quickly get a hold of him.

You can learn more about foster care by checking out Nine Facts About Foster Care.



Thank you for helping us with Treehouse’s Tech for Good; One Block At A Time®.
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