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There is a lot of friction when homeowners, real estate agents, and title/escrow companies try to complete these transactions which is why we’ve launched UbitquityPay™ in January of this year and why we’re working to launch the stand-alone SmartEscrow℠ platform and module add ons.

Homeownership is the biggest purchase of your life, and Ubitquity sees a major need to protect the American dream through the continued development of innovative SaaS (Software-as-Service) solutions.

How can we get there?

We are raising investment funds to capitalize on the opportunity in front of us. We could raise this money solely from institutional investors. But we want to raise it from you — the customers and our community who have supported us on every step of our journey over the last several years.

If you are an accredited investor in the United States and you are interested in investing, please fill out this Accredited Investor Questionnaire. If you are an Accredited Investor outside of the United States, email us for our investment deck and due diligence package.

If you have any questions or feedback, we would love to hear from you!

Let’s work together to help optimize the world. One Block At A Time®

Yours sincerely,
Nathan Wosnack
Founder & CEO

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