Frequently Asked Questions
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Last revised: May 31, 2022


Q: "What is UbitquityPay™?"
A: UbitquityPay™ is the global solution for single side crypto payments + real estate transactions. UbitquityPay™ allows a counterparty to send a payment in any crypto currency and then immediately transfer that payment into any nation's fiat (local government issued currency). UbitquityPay™ is an easy and safe way to accept cryptocurrency and fiat currency payments pertaining to both residential and commercial real estate deals.

Q: "How does the UbitquityPay™ platform work?"
A: UbitquityPay™ helps to remove the friction between real estate companies and homeowners. We work with title companies to ensure the biggest transaction of your life is both legal and valid. Once the transaction is complete, the cryptocurrency is stored with multiple signature wallets. UbitquityPay™ instantly converts the cryptocurrency amount into local country’s currency at the moment of purchase. The funds are then settled into the bank account by the next business day.

Q: "Can you please give me an example of UbitquityPay™ scenario?"
A: The seller wants to receive cryptocurrency for their property. Or the buyer wants to pay in cryptocurrency. Until now, facilitating this type of transaction was arduous, costly, and inefficient. It took weeks and even months to close which is not acceptable for real estate transactions.

Q: "When was the UbitquityPay™ product officially launch?"
A: It was launched on Sunday, January 23, 2022. Read our press release.

Q: "Who are the ideal UbitquityPay™ customers and users?"
A: Title, title insurance, and escrow firms. Along with any other firm, such as financial institution, that wants a blockchain recordation solution with their escrow offering. Globally, we will work with real estate firms and agents. If you're unsure, please contact us to get clarification.

Q: "What features are available with UbitquityPay™?"
A: See our Features page.

Q: "Does UbitquityPay™ have an affiliate program?"
A: Yes! See our Affiliate Program page.


Q: "What cryptocurrencies (coins, tokens) do you support at UbitquityPay™?"
A: We support most cryptocurrencies that are on major exchanges. We do not support coins or tokens that are not on exchanges. We support over 130+ coins and tokens.

Q: "Does UbitquityPay™ offer merchant integration?"
A: Yes we do. See our Merchant Integration page.


Q: "Which cryptocurrencies does UbitquityPay™ support?"
A: UbitquityPay™ now supports these cryptocurrencies in order to best help homeowners, brokers, agents, and title/escrow professionals!

Q: "I'm a title, title insurance underwriter, or escrow firm. How do I pay to use UbitquityPay™
A: Contact us for details.

Q: "What does UbitquityPay™ cost to use?"
A: See our Pricing page

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